What to do following a bicycle accident in WA State

A survey conducted by the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention recorded that nearly half of a million people visited emergency rooms in the US for bicycle accident injuries in one year. While bicyclists make 1% of the riders in the US, they are the most prone to accidents and crashes, usually resulting in extreme

Dog bites: The Legal Aftermath

According to a survey conducted in the US, at least 1000 people require emergency care treatment due to dog bites injury, everyday. Dog bites usually occur due to negligence of dog owners. They can occur with any one, at any time. If you are a dog lover, a dog owner, or jut someone taking a

The Dos and Don’ts in a Car Crash Accident

It is estimated by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration that about 6 million people in the US are victims of car crash accidents. Road trips are increasingly common during the summer and spring season and with them car crash accidents. With that said, every driver should be prepared for handling situations in case of