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What To Do If You Are Attacked By A Stray Dog

federal way dog bite attorneyGetting bitten by a neighbor’s dog, or a dog with a clear owner is scary enough. But getting bitten by a stray dog can be both more frightening and more legally complex. In this blog post, we will discuss what

Texting Laws and Distracted Driving Laws in Washington State

texting and driving laws in washington stateMobile phones and smartphones have made our lives better in many ways: we are more connected than ever before, we have so much information at our fingertips, and we are in many ways safer. However, as the popularity of these

Federal Way Premises Liability: How Property Owners Should Keep Their Pools Safe

Pool premises liability

If you own a swimming pool, it can mean long days of summer fun for your family and friends. If you are a business owner who as a pool on your premises, it can also be great for business, especially

Federal Way Attorney Chong Ye Selected To The National Trial Lawyers’ Top 100

Chong Ye Federal Way Personal Injury AttorneyThe Ye Law Firm is pleased and honored to announce that Chong Ye has been named a Top 100 lawyer by The National Trial Lawyers. Only a small percentage of attorneys across Washington State are given this honor, or the