Federal Way Premises Liability: How Property Owners Should Keep Their Pools Safe

If you own a swimming pool, it can mean long days of summer fun for your family and friends. If you are a business owner who as a pool on your premises, it can also be great for business, especially during the hot months of the year. However, by having a pool on your property, […]

Federal Way Attorney Chong Ye Selected To The National Trial Lawyers’ Top 100

The Ye Law Firm is pleased and honored to announce that Chong Ye has been named a Top 100 lawyer by The National Trial Lawyers. Only a small percentage of attorneys across Washington State are given this honor, or the opportunity to take advantage of the The National Trial Lawyers organizational programming. “I am so […]

It’s Not Just Pit Bulls: Any Dog Breed Can Be Dangerous

It’s a huge misconception that pit bulls are aggressive, dangerous dogs–while many other breeds of dog are perfectly safe family pets. While pit bulls are among the most dangerous breeds when it comes to serious injuries and dog attack fatalities, it’s extremely important to understand that any breed of dog can inflict serious injury on […]

A Deadly Game: Street Racing Related Car Accidents In Federal Way

In January, Federal Way police and emergency responders rushed to Pacific Highway South near Dash Point Way, to the scene of a fatal Washington car accident between a truck and car. This tragic crash absolutely could have been prevented: it was allegedly caused by street racing. Sadly, the history of street racing is as old […]

Federal Way man charged with DUI

In Torrance, California, last month, a Federal Way man was charged with DUI after driving the wrong way down a city street and then striking two vehicles, a fire hydrant, and a light pole before slamming into a restaurant. Luckily, no one besides the driver suffered injuries, and he was arrested after being treated at […]

Yes, Distracted Walking Is Real – And Really Dangerous

Since smartphones became commonplace, distracted driving has become an enormous problem on our country’s streets and highways–with more than 3,000 deaths related to inattentive drivers taking place each year across the nation. But although most drivers are now familiar with the dangers of taking their eyes off the road and their hands off the wheel, […]

When To Report A Car Accident To Your Insurance Company (And When You Can Skip It)

It’s pretty common knowledge that you need to report car accidents to your car insurance company in the wake of a crash. But are there any exceptions to the rule, and if so, how do you know if you should give them a call or not? This week, we’re outlining exactly when you need to […]

Federal Way Dog Bite Attorney: The Most Common Dog Attack Injuries

Did you know that each year, an estimated 4.5 million Americans sustain a dog bite? While many of those injuries do not require significant medical attention or result in significant damages, thousands leave their victims with lost wages, piles of medical bills, scarring, disabilities, and emotional trauma. In cases where the dog’s owner, or the […]

Preventing Washington Motorcycle Accidents: How To Travel Safety In A Group Of Riders

The Seattle Times recently reported about a multiple-bike motorcycle accident that involved four riders and two serious injuries. The Washington State motorcycle accident occurred during a group ride when one of the bikers lost control, causing multiple collisions.   While group motorcycle rides can be an extremely rewarding and fun way to see the country, […]

Safety Tips For Pedestrians Walking At Night

In SeaTac last week, a pedestrian was struck and killed by a driver on Des Moines Memorial Drive. New station KIRO 7 reported that the 44-year-old man who was killed was putting gas into his car when a passing driver slammed into him, leaving him with fatal injuries. The driver fled the scene of the […]