Client Testimonials

“Before I met Mr. Ye I had a life of promise, goals, aspirations, and stability.

Also before my accident, I was going to church, being a spiritual person, and afterwards by not being able to attend on a regular basis precipitated me to becoming homeless, loss of wages and livelihood. Just prior to this accident my husband passed away leaving me little and no funds and having me depend on Public Assistance and State Aid.

Little did I know that by choosing The Ye Law Firm what I received was a new lease on life, new direction with employment and positive outlook with a sense of direction.

The Ye Law Firm has been fighting Pierce Transit, the largest transit company in the Northwest and in the State of Washington. Mr. Ye was not only determined to see justice served, but also helped renew my faith in a sense of self-worth and direction with attainable goals.

I now have a great job at a hospital and I graduated from Highline Community College with an Associated Degree in Business Administration.

Upon arriving at The Ye Law Firm, I had zero dollars to speak of and Mr. Ye took my case not knowing that he would have such an uphill battle and taking an enormous risk and amount of time but did so with the pursuit of justice in mind.

I was a passenger on Pierce Transit whose driver ran a red light in downtown Seattle, which ultimately resulted in an oncoming yellow cab T-boning the bus. I was seated right above where the cab hit the bus and the image of the scene still haunts me today. Luckily, by hiring The Ye Law Firm, I was able to receive compensation for my injury and I have a renewed self-worth and life.

I have been truly blessed in knowing that I was led and spiritually directed to The Ye Law Firm and received more than I could ever imagined. And to hear of other successful outcomes of The Ye Law Firm contact Mr. Ye at The Ye Law Firm.” – Tessie

“My wife and I highly recommend The Ye Law Firm to those who are involved in car accidents. He and his staff are knowledgeable and were readily available to answer our questions whenever questions arose when dealing with insurance companies and later on about her medical treatments. Since this was our first accident, we didn’t know what to expect, but we realize why having an attorney represent the injured is so important. His office took the stress out of dealing with auto accidents. Furthermore, we were very happy with how the case was later resolved.” Steve

“Customer service was excellent! Professional attitude, Mr. Ye was in no rush, he was very patient, nice and consistent. I had an impression that he genuinely wanted to help me, instead of trying to rush me into hiring him. I appreciate him.” Simon

“Lawyer Ye was great and very reliable. We were able to start the process right away and get it figured out in a timely manner. He made things very simple! I would recommend Lawyer Ye to anyone needing assistance.” A Client

“We just loved him to death. He cared about us, not just our case. He kept us posted on everything. His office kept us updated regularly. My case involved a rear-end collision and I had had a prior back injury. Complicated as it was, we were very happy with the outcome.” – Kim

“I am 100% satisfied. I called Mr. Ye the day after the accident. Everything he said that would happen did, every step of the way. He went beyond what we needed him to do. I would definitely use him again and recommend him to anyone who needs a lawyer.” – Ray

“The Ye Law Firm is exceptional Federal Way personal injury attorney. I was represented twice by The Ye Law Firm and I got the best service possible as well as a very caring and understanding staff to help me through difficult times.” James

“The Ye Law Firm is professional and also warm and caring. I feel like they have my needs at heart. I feel that my cases were handled very well.” – Wayne

“The attorney and staff at The Ye Law Firm show that they are concerned, they got in touch with me promptly, they keep me informed of the progress and I thank them so kindly for showing me that someone cares. Thank you again.” – Manuel

“Very good at listening and taking time to answer all my questions. Didn’t make me feel like I was anything less than your most important client. Attorney Ye and his staff have been very helpful and genially concerned about my welfare! They treated me like a part of their family. I give The Ye Law Firm an A++. ” – Mike

“Everyone I talk to at The Ye Law Firm when I have a problem listens to me, understands me and treats me with the utmost respect.” Lee

“Working with Mr. Ye was a pleasure and comforting. Mr. Ye made us feel confident in the process and walked us through everything. He was always available for contact and always made time for us, no matter how busy he was. I would easily refer him to a family member or friend.” – Eun

“I’ve consulted different lawyers and decided Mr. Ye would be the best one for the job. From start to finish I was happy to have been confirmed that Mr. Ye proved me right. He was accommodating and kept us informed through what otherwise could be frustrating and confusing process. I would recommend Mr. Ye.” – Shawn

“He is the most trustworthy lawyer whom I’ve ever met before. He has frequently contacted. He encourages customers with positive aspects and makes people smile. I totally recommend this lawyer to people with my honesty.” – Se Jong

“Mr. Ye was awesome! Being that this was my first car accident, he was able to calm down my frustration and get the ball rolling with my case. We spoke frequently and any questions that I had were answered promptly. He was also very frank about the process and didn’t sugar-coat anything which I can appreciate. Working with the firm has made the overall process very easy when dealing with a car accident. I would recommend Chong Ye’s office to anyone in the future.”  – N. N.

“Chong Ye did an amazing job on my case. He resolved the issue quickly and efficiently. Chong is one of the best lawyers I’ve met. I highly recommend The Ye Law Firm. They are the best at what they do.”  – Francis

“I visited you after being frustrated with “getting the run around” from the insurance companies. You told me, “Don’t call the insurance people anymore, I will. Call your friends or your families. I will take care of the rest.” And you really did!” – Jin

“I believe Mr. Ye gave me a great service and got me a settlement that was more than fair. Mr. Ye has an excellent support staff that answered all of my questions and returned my phone calls  promptly. I would recommend The Ye Law Firm to all of my friends and family.” – Cho

“I have referred them personal injury cases for many years. They have always handled my referrals in a professional and efficient manner. You will be treated like a family.” – P. B.

“I went to The Ye Law Firm after my wreck they were always so helpful and kept me up to date on my case I HIGHLY recommend Chong to anybody with a personal injury case.”  – J. K.

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