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Whether you are involved in a traffic accident, suffer a slip and fall, or endure an animal attack, a serious injury can turn your life upside down. Every aspect of your day-to-day may be changed, from your career aspirations to your living situation, to your physical abilities. As you struggle to get your life back to normal, as much as possible, you may be wondering: who is responsible for what happened to me, and do they owe me compensation for their negligence under the law?

Accidents and injuries can be physically, emotionally, and financially devastating. It is vital to understand that if you were harmed because of the accidental or intentional actions of another party, they are responsible for your losses. At The Ye Law Firm, Washington State attorney Chong Ye and his team of Federal Way personal injury lawyers  are committed to finding justice and compensation for injury victims and their families. We offer free, private consultations. Schedule yours by calling (253) 946-0577.

The Seattle Accident & Injury Cases We Take

Each year, thousands of people in Seattle and across Washington State are involved in serious accidents and suffer serious injuries. In far too many cases, these accidents could have or should have been prevented by another party. Have you been hospitalized due to one of the below types of accidents or incidents?

  • Car accidents/Automobile crashes
  • Truck and bus accidents
  • Motorcycle accidents
  • Bicycle accidents
  • Catastrophic injuries
  • Dog bite injuries
  • Slip and fall accidents/premises liability cases
  • Uninsured motorist and underinsured motorist cases

Determining Fault: How To Prove Your Personal Injury Case

It is the job of your Federal Way personal injury attorney to prove your case: either to the insurance company involved or to the court. But what facts need to be clear and confirmed by evidence? In Washington State, you must prove:

  • A legal duty of care was owed to the injury victim. While this may sound like technical legalese, it just means that we need to prove that the at-fault party had a responsibility to keep others reasonably safe. For example, drivers on the road owe a duty of care to anyone else on the road, while a landlord owes a duty of care to her tenants, while a business owner owes a duty of care to their customers.
  • The legal duty of care was breached. Here, your personal injury attorney must prove that the at-fault party did not act reasonably or responsibly–that, in fact, they acted negligently. You can prove a legal duty of care was breached if a driver was drunk, or if a landlord ignored the presence of a dangerous dog, or if a business did not keep its floors clear of hazards.
  • The breach of duty lead to serious injuries. Finally, your accident lawyer must prove that the at-fault party’s negligence led to your accident and injuries. This involves evidence both tied to the accident and to your medical records. Some at-fault parties will argue that the accident didn’t lead to your injuries, and that instead the injuries occurred before or after the fact.

It’s important to note that Washington State is a Pure Comparative Fault state. This means that an injured person may recover compensation based on the percentage of fault of the other party. For example, if a person was in a car accident that was 50 percent his fault, he could still recover half of the costs of damages from the other faulty party. If a person was in a car accident that was 90 percent his fault, he could still recover 10 percent of total damages.

What Can You Recover From Your Personal Injury Claim?

An accident and injury can easily bankrupt a family, especially if the accident results in catastrophic injuries. If someone else is responsible for your accident, it is vital to recover damages so that you have the funds necessary to cover your losses, get healthy, and return to your normal life. You can recover damages for several different types of losses:

  • Medical costs. This can include everything from your ambulance ride to your surgeries to your medications related directly to your accident and injury.
  • Future medical costs. Many accident victims need medical care in the months and even years after their injury. This could include therapy, medications, and medical supplies.
  • Lost wages. Being seriously injured often means missing work, whether for a few days or much longer. You may be repaid for those wages.
  • Future lost wages. Catastrophic injuries can often lead to lost work down the road, the inability to do your past job, or the inability to ever work again.
  • Pain and suffering. Some wounds aren’t visible. The at-fault party may owe you for the trauma you endured, both during the accident and during your recovery process.
  • Loss of quality of life. If you accident and injury has changed your life in other ways, you may be owed financial compensation.
  • Property damage. If your property, such as your vehicle, was significantly damaged or totaled in your accident, you should receive money to replace it from the party or parties that caused the accident.

The Ye Law Firm Difference

Why choose The Ye Law Firm? We only take a small, select number of cases at a time. This is so that we can offer a laser-focus to our clients, taking the needed time and energy to properly represent you throughout the timeline of your claim. In addition to thoroughly investigating and preparing your case, we also make an extra effort to keep our clients informed and updated as their case progresses. They are encouraged to keep in touch with our office through call, email, and text, and we touch base with them whenever there is a status change (and even sometimes when there is not).

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Especially if you aren’t sure whether or not you have a Seattle personal injury claim, you should speak to a lawyer about the details of your case and learn your best options for legal action and compensation. We will be honest with you, even if that means recommending that you do not pursue your WA injury claim. To ask all of your legal questions to an experienced, knowledgeable accident lawyer, we invite you to schedule a free case evaluation today. Please contact us by calling (253) 946-0577 or by filling out our quick contact form.