Jae-Eun Ye

Firm Manager and Medical And Insurance Coverage Paralegal

Jae-Eun Ye was born and raised in South Korea. She attended Hankuk University of Foreign Studies. She first came to Washington while in college to study English for a year. A few years later, she permanently moved to Washington State when she married her husband, Chong H. Ye, the attorney and principal owner of THE YE LAW FIRM. Prior to working at THE YE LAW FIRM, Jae-Eun had extensively worked in a managerial capacity at various medical providers’ offices. Her managerial experience at medical offices is invaluable when it comes to making sure that day-to-day operation of the law firm runs smooth and efficient. She also will be the first voice you will hear when you call our office and the first person you will meet when you step into our office. Furthermore, you will find her on the phone or drafting correspondences on the computer with insurance companies and medical providers, making sure our clients’ well-being are taken care of.

When not busy working at the law firm, she enjoys being a soccer mom, driving her kids to violin lessons, spending time with her family, friends, reading, and traveling.